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Optima III 7330

Aside from function and ability, fashion also can be an option in the industrial machines. Including touch screen; with friendly human machine interface, bring you the instinct operation. We prepared three kinds of models, In-Line, Batch Off-Line, and Desktop, based on what your need; Compact size design saves your space as well.

  • Features:

    • Three kinds of models satisfy all your demands (Batch In-Line, In-Line, and Desktop).

    • High resolution camera, plus RGBW lighting system, precision detect all the defects on PCBs.

    • It’s capable to import CAD files, also support offline editor, easier to make the program.

    • Touch panel and friendly user interface, decrease the difficulty when operating.

    • Capable with robotic arm of automatic handler system.

Well designed, reliable inspect ability, Optima™ III 7330 series, your best choice.

  • Inspection area:
  • 7330I/ F: 50 x 50 mm^2 ~ 330 x 250 mm^2
    7330B: 50 x 80 mm^2 ~ 330 x 250 mm^2

  • Dimension & Weight (including PC):
  • 7330I:620W x 758Dx 1294H (mm), 154KG.
    7330F:620W* x 758D x 594H (mm), 92KG. ((*)W900 mm (including the protruding portion)).
    7330B:1496W x 786D x 1328H (mm), 252KG.