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  As a Global Test & Inspection Solution Provider, we strive to develop; faster, more accurate, user friendly and complete turnkey test and inspections solutions. Our dedication to product innovation, is enhanced through our global reach by observing new demands in different markets through our subsidiary's, partnerships and distribution channels throughout the world, while still remaining vigilant with a close view on efficiency improvements in sales, applications and customer support.

  Landrex earned the reputation of being a leading technological company by having a perfect balance between innovation, efficiency and cost while employing solid market research in new and developing technologies and assembling all the disciplines needed to succeed.

  The overall competence for Landrex is based on efficiency by utilizing and deploying resources effectively they have achieved remarkable success based on demanding procedures and processes in RD and a strict ability for budget control allowing Landrex to meet marketing demands immediately, as well as provide an accurate cost effective best in class solutions.