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  Landrex echnologies was established in 1989, as a Global Test & Inspection Solution Provider, since its inception Landrex has grown to be a leader in Optical Inspection(AOI), In-Circuit and Functional Test and Test Fixturing. Our goal is to continue providing state of the art solutions in the industries we serve on a global scale. We also provide high quality probes of Ingun, QA and IDI. We are dedicated and committed to investing in Research and Development in both people and technology to achieve the highest level of efficiency in bringing our customers an unequalled level of quality and innovation at a competitive cost in all areas of Test, Optical Inspection(AOI) and Support.

  Our team of professionals are devoted to providing the latest innovations in technology, rapid response for service and consistent quality in our products and services, which can only be achieved through pride in our products and services and dedication to the customers we serve.