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Headquartered in Taiwan, Landrex Technologies is an ISO-9001 certified Global Test Solutions Provider. Founded in 1989, Landrex Technologies provides high-quality, high-value test and test automation systems, including AOI, in-circuit and MDA test fixtures and programming services, functional test systems and fixtures, spring contact probes, fixture kits, and components.

Landrex is one of the leading manufacturers in Asia for MDA, ICT, and functional test fixtures for users of automated test systems from companies such as Teradyne, GenRad, Agilent, TRI, JET, Tescon, Okano, Hioki and Schull. Landrex also builds customized functional test fixtures for all types of functional test applications including RF testing.

In order to offer a total test solution, Landrex acquired Teradyne's OptimaTM Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) product line, including patents and trade mark rights and other intellectual property. Landrex is now positioned to provide the electronics manufacturing industry with reliable, high-performance AOI systems at competitive prices due to manufacturing in Taiwan HQ. At the same time, Landrex became a Teradyne Authorized Representative (TAR) for In-Circuit Test (ICT) products as well; we can furnish a total test solution for PCB assembly line to our customers.

Landrex offers professional technology, quick service and consistent quality. Headquartered in Taiwan, we also have subsidiaries in Shenzen, Kunshan and the USA, and distributors in Europe, Japan, Korea, and SE Asia. As a result, a complete global service network has been built, and customers can get rapid, consistent and professional support. Landrex remains dedicated to providing its customers with superior service and solutions while striving for continuous innovation and improvement.