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Optima II 7250 OPT

Optima™ II 7250 is a best choice of AOI, designed for SMT process measurement before reflow. High resolution Telecentric lens camera system, proofed it’s worked fine for the height of SMT. Multi optical resolution optioned, down to 01005 (Imperial) can be inspected; In-Line designed, SMEMA capable.

  • Features:

    • Optical resolution down to 12μm, fine optical measurement accuracy in 0.5μm.

    • Offline programming and editing, won’t occupied the inspecting time.

    • High speed servo X-Y motion system, stable and high durability.

    • Optional auto-adjust conveyor, minimum size: 50 x 50 (mm), maximum size: 457 x 510 (mm).

    • Available with Access Pro (Full SPC Software) and Review Pro (Defect Review Software).

    • In-Line designed, also capable with robotic arm of automatic handler system.

  • 1000W x 1590H x 1257D (mm), 1134KG.

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