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Optima III FAI

You might know, “Time is money”, but you still using an LCR meters to do the first article inspection manually? Stop this inefficiency way, Landrex prepared this auto inspect solution: Optima™ FAI.
Employ’s measuring of R, C components by automatically probing using a high speed turret, down to 01005 (Imperial); also can do the electronics test; incorporating a Vision System for checking all other components.

  • Features:

    • Verifies the first PCB within a short period before mass production.

    • Down to 01005 (Imperial).

    • Automatic impedance measuring the resistance and capacitance, and checked the status of correctness.

    • Incorporates with a visual inspection function that allows mounting status checks on each components (orientation and characters).

    • Test Program Generator, TPG is automatically generates test data for easy programming.

    • Automatically records test results and allows their use for a variety of data management as well as quality references.

    • Capable with robotic arm of automatic handler system.

  • Inspection area:
  • M size: 330 x 250 (X x Y,mm).
    L size: 510 x 380 (X x Y,mm).
    LL size: 530 x 460 (X x Y,mm).