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THT Bottom Sided AOI

No one have enough on quality of products. Choose a nice machine can yield twice the result with half the effort; and supported by the professional technique group, can make you sit back and relax. Landrex has an integrated inspection solution for THT/DIP processes, and for the one who has Bot-sided inspection.
Meanwhile, completely inspection functions and vision algorithm, capable with any production line, satisfy what you need in every situation. With reliable and well-designed Auto Vision Inspection technologies, absolutely make your quality control of THT/ DIP goes smoothly.

  • Features:

    • Best Pre & Post Wave AOI Inspection System providing the highest Return on Investment, (ROI) in the industry by eliminating the need for human inspection.

    • Extra Large 10cm Depth of Field eliminates the effects of component height.

    • Different resolution cameras, customized with your need. (down to 10um)

    • High resolution camera, with high luminance LEDs, high inspection ability.

    • Unique vision inspection algorithm, suitable to solve the uncertainty problem.

    • With high speed inspection mode, save your time.

    • We offer different sizes of inspection system, based on what your need.

    • In-Line designed, also capable with robotic arm of automatic handler system.

  • Defect Types:

    • THT/DIP Components

      • Solder Bridge and Solder Joint

  • Optional inspection functions:

    • SMD Inspection

      • Drop / Wrong parts / Polarity check

      • Solder bridge

      • Missing components

    • Label Inspection by OCR

    • Surface Inspection (scratch, particle, drop solder / component)

Landrex technology has plentiful experience on AOI, make you sit back and relax.

  • Dimension & Weight:
  • PCI-780:900L x 900W x 1650H (mm), 450KG.
    Inspection area: 330L x 250W (mm).

    PCI-780M:1200L x 1150W x 1800H (mm), 500KG.
    Inspection area: 510L x 510W (mm).

    PCI-780L:1200L x 1150W x 1800H (mm), 500KG.
    Inspection area: 610L x 610W (mm).