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THT Dual Sided AOI

Do you struggle on purchasing top-sided or bottom-sided AOI machines but you do have need to inspect the both sides? Now you have the best choice, Landrex has an integrated inspection solution for THT/DIP processes. Leading Dual-sided Auto inspected at the same time saves your time with best performance.
Meanwhile, completely inspection functions and vision algorithm, capable with any production line, satisfy what you need in every situation. With reliable and well-designed Auto Vision Inspection technologies, absolutely make your quality control of THT/ DIP goes smoothly.

  • Features:

    • World leading, Dual-sided Auto inspected at the same time.

    • Best Pre & Post Wave AOI Inspection System providing the highest Return on Investment, (ROI) in the industry by eliminating the need for human inspection.

    • Extra Large 10cm Depth of Field eliminates the effects of component height.

    • Different resolution cameras, customized with your need. (down to 10um)

    • Unique vision inspection algorithm, suitable to solve the uncertainty problem.

    • With high speed inspection mode, save your time.

    • We offer different sizes of inspection system, based on what your need.

    • In-Line designed, also capable with robotic arm of automatic handler system.

  • Defect types:

    • THT/DIP Components

      • Missing/Wrong Components

      • Polarity Check

      • Solder Bridge and Solder Joint

  • Optional inspection functions:

    • SMD Inspection

      • Drop / Wrong parts / Polarity check

      • Solder bridge

      • Missing components

    • Label Inspection by OCR

    • Surface Inspection (scratch, particle, drop solder / component)

Landrex technology has plentiful experience on AOI, make you sit back and relax.

  • Dimension & Weight:
  • PCI-770:900L x 900W x 1650H (mm), 450KG.
    Inspection area: 330L x 250W (mm).

    PCI-770M:1200L x 1150W x 1800H (mm), 500KG.
    Inspection area: 510L x 510W (mm).

    PCI-770L:1200L x 1150W x 1800H (mm), 500KG.
    Inspection area: 610L x 510W (mm).