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Smart ATE 4in1 Tester

Smart ATE 4in1 Tester, is a revolutionary product for FPCBA testing and inspection. Did you feel so wasting time on load/ unload? Then this product can definitely solve your problem.

  • Features:

    • Perfect solutions for the detection of small size FPCBAs, able to finish four detections in load/ unload once, minimizing human board handling time.

    • Production proven inspection algorithms from Landrex AOIs for the Auto-vision inspection modules.

    • A variety of Solution Express modules can be implemented in this tester, such as the MDA/ICT and FCT test modules.

    • Friendly UI and easy to operate, decrease the training of operators.

    • Capable with robotic arm of automatic handler system.

    • Application Fields:

      • Smart phone

      • Tablet computer

      • Handheld game console

      • Digital camera

      • Other small size FPCBAs