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Finished Product

For the finished product function test of capacitive touch panel inspect, like stress test with line drawing, multi-touch test or accuracy testing, etc. We all provides a suitable and complete solution to solve your problem. Lab-View windows operation, easy to learn & comprehend. No need to set-up lot of parameters, just few setting then will present you the complete test result clearly, also can convert to Excel format; capable with robotic arm of automatic handler system.
We have comprehensive products for finished product function test of capacitive touch panel, as following:

ED-TP5: Touch Panel Linear Tester (5 in 1)
ED-TSL-HW: Capacitive Touch Screen Linearity Tester
ED-TSL-H: Touch Sensor Linear-Hitting
ED-TSL-WIN: Capacitive Touch Screen Multi-touch Tester
ED-TSL-XY: Capacitive Touch Screen Linearity Tester
ED-TPW: Touch Panel Writing Function Tester (Double-Axis)