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TQM-AVI Printing AVI

World Lead 3Z Concept:
@ Zero Programming Time
@ Zero Production Line Change Time
@ Zero Machine Setup Time

Are you still using the human eyes to inspect the quality of printing on your laptop products? One consumer only have to see a keyboard about hundred key caps, one inspector may have to inspect over a million caps on the keyboard and various of labels, is it reliable to inspect all the defects?
We heard your voice, Landrex technology launch this high performance solutions, TQM-AVI Printing AVI (KBI) for the OQC. Lower your human misjudgment rate perfectly, and also help you to achieve the automated production.

  • Features:

    • High resolution camera with reliable and smart algorithm can inspect 100% defects correctly.

    • Automated program generating function with Program auto-loading by pre-assigned barcode, increase your efficiency.

    • Friendly User Interface, easy to operate.

    • Human replaced design, no need to modify your origin production line.

    • Capable with robotic arm of automatic handler system.

  • Defect types:

    • Font printing, scratch on key cap, label misapply.

Better than better, Landrex technology, TQM-AVI Printing Surface KBI help you do this.

  • 820Lx 1175Wx 2100H (mm), 160KG.

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