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The universality, reliability, easy of integration and programming algorithms as fast as memory technology limits combined with unique software and hardware featured to ensure a low cost model change, data security, tracking and confidence required on the manufacturing ISP process in now available on the EZ4000 ISP and Testing Station. Also available are the Electrical Parameter Testing modules.
The EZ4000 ISP and Testing Station represents a faster learing curve, paperless technical manuals and training for sustaining and new model integration besides to a 3 year warranty on hardware and life time warranty on the applications.

  • Hardware Features:

    • Ergonomic manual actuation

    • Fixtures usable area: 450 x 320 mm

    • High quality robust and reliable solution for manufacturing environment

    • Easy and cost effective model changes with minimal inter-changeable parts

    • Reliable Windows OS workstation

    • No vacuum or pneumatics testing for shorts test, discharge capacitors among other measurements

    • Capable with robotic arm of automatic handler system.

  • Software Features:

    • 4500+ different devices

    • Parallel programming: capability of programming up 4 to 8 devices at the same time, and up to 32 images in the same fixture

    • Holding of multiple codes to be programming

    • Friendly user interface with no advanced programming skills required for sequencing modifications

    • Multiple programming protocols supported

    • Dynamic data programming

    • Software with Log file generator, statistical module and cycle counter with automated messages for maintenance plan purposes

    • Administrator, technician and operator users could be configured to grant different access permission

    • Engineering training for future products implementations

    • World Wide Onsite installation available

    • Three year warranty on hardware products, lifetime on applications

    • Software updates for the testing station as part of the yearly support contract