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I n a joint announcement, Rematek, Inc., Montreal, Canada; Landrex Technologies, Taipei County, Taiwan and Zero Defects International, Silicon Valley, USA have released news of an international strategic partnership which spans North America and Asia. All electronic test products and services, including in-circuit-test fixtures, are involved.

The global nature of the electronics industry calls for seamless technical, logistical and sales coverage on an intercontinental scale according to spokesmen for all three companies. They stressed that this is particularly true in the world of test wherein assembly manufacturing often moves from the USA to Mexico and/or Asia as prototype and limited volume work reaches full production rates.

Rematek has offered in-circuit, functional and custom fixtures to the Canadian, Mexican and American markets for 15 years and the company is the result of a merger of Rematek and ATE Fixturing & Design, two test fixture firms with very complementary strengths.

Landrex has been active in the test fixture and equipment business throughout Asia for more than 20 years. The corporate headquarters is in Taiwan and the primary manufacturing sites are in Shenzhen and Kunshan, China. They also have a partnership operation in Singapore.

Zero Defects International has served the printed circuit and PCBA industries internationally for 25 years with a wide range of test products and services. In addition to test fixtures and related products, the company represents several European test and inspection equipment manufacturers.

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Zero Defects, Paul Benke & Rematek, Dan Gallant


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