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LA-MR4 Multi-Functions Handler with its modular designed, we provides cost-efficient solutions for the most varied test tasks. One concept, many variants is our basic idea, all components of the module system are matched with other test and inspect module systems, like FCT, MDA/ICT, or Automatic Optical Inspect system.
Easy to set ensure short set-up times and universal use of the handler. Compact size for space saving.

  • Features:

    • Modularized designed, capable with other test and inspect module systems, the the most flexible Multi-Functions Handler.

    • Short set-up time, make it get on line for produce as soon as possible.

    • Compatible with following:

      • FCT test modules.

      • MDA/ICT test modules.

      • Automatic Optical Inspect module.

      • Pass/NG Auto Sorting System.